Commercial Flooring Services

We deliver the tailored commercial flooring services you need to remodel or finish commercial construction.

At Titan, we provide tailored and customized flooring solutions to meet client needs and wants. Understanding how vital the right flooring is to complete your commercial building, we work with you to determine the best solution. Whether you are completing a building and need to add the finishing touches or you’re looking to remodel an existing space, we can provide you with the solutions that will take your commercial space to the next level.

Titan’s Commercial Flooring Services

Titan Is More Than Just A Builder

Because we focus on providing solutions to client needs, we’re able to deliver a level of excellence other builders struggle to. With our tailored flooring services, we’ll help you determine the best type of flooring for the space and install the flooring with a higher level of quality.

Titan’s Flooring Process

What type of flooring does Titan install?

At Titan, we pride ourselves on providing the solutions our clients need. When it comes to flooring we can install everything from custom tile to laminate and vinyl. We’ll work with you to determine what will look best in the space, meet your budget, and provide you with a durable and lasting floor.

Will Titan remove my existing commercial flooring before installing new flooring?

If you’re remodeling a commercial space and want to update the flooring, then the team at Titan will remove the old flooring before installing new flooring.

Can a new floor be installed over an existing floor?

We typically recommend removing old flooring before installing a new floor. Because of codes and building requirements, it’s a good idea to start from scratch each time you update flooring.

What is the commercial flooring installation process like?

Every commercial flooring project Titan is part of is slightly different. We customize the process to meet your needs, but we always start with a conversation to learn more about your needs. Then, we suggest the flooring materials that will look good and meet your needs. After you’ve approved the plans, we’ll begin installing the flooring.

How do I get started with my commercial floor?

If your new building is ready for a commercial floor or if you’re ready to replace an existing floor, then contact Titan today to start discussing your flooring needs.

Looking For Commercial Flooring Solutions?

Contact Titan Commercial Construction to discuss your flooring needs and how we can help you.