Design & Planning

Titan’s Design & Planning Services

We understand that every building has to be built from the ground up.

Our team of commercial design and planning experts will work with you to determine the best designs and plans for your building goals and visions. Our process revolves around a discovery session in which we’ll listen to your ideas and what you like and don’t like in commercial buildings. When it comes time to draw up actual plans, we’ll incorporate all of those ideas into your building blueprints for you to review. For us, this project is about us creating our masterpiece. It’s about helping you build the commercial building you and your business need. We’ll work with you to make sure the design and plans we draw up are exactly what you are looking for. Quality and strength are always at the forefront of our team’s mind.

Titan’s Design & Planning Process

Discovery Session With Titan

We’ll set up a time to meet and discuss your project.

The first step in our process is always connecting about the project. Depending on the depth and size of your project, we may need to set aside a larger amount of time to discuss all of the details. Either way our expert designers and planners will meet with you to discuss what your expectations and goals are for the project. 

We’ll Work On Design Plans

After our design and planning meeting, we’ll start working on first drafts of your building.

No two commercial construction projects are the same. Everyone has different tastes and expectations. At Titan, we recognize this and work with you to make sure your building’s plans are exactly what you’re looking for. After our discovery session, we’ll start drafting up the plans for your building, making sure that your ideas are all incorporated in the design. 

We Work To Deliver The Perfect Plans

We’ll review our first draft of design plans with you and we’ll revise them until you’re satisfied.

While we work on your commercial building plans and designs, we’ll make sure to keep you involved in the process. After the first draft is complete, we’ll review them with you and have a conversation about what you like and don’t like. If there are changes to be made, we’ll adjust the plans until they meet your expectations. We want this building to deliver results you can count on. 

Your Next Project Becomes A Success

Your project’s designs and plans will help lead you to success.

Because we focus on what you are looking for and all of the fine details that go into a successful building’s plans, your next project will be poised for success. We take the time and energy needed to make sure that happens. From all of our conversations about your goals and expectations, you can rest easy knowing Titan will deliver the designs and plans you need. 

Are You Ready To Work With Titan?

If you’re ready to sit down and talk about your project, then our team of experts would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your plans and ideas.