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ADA Compliance Services

Bringing your buildings up to code and helping you pass inspections.

When it comes to building a new commercial space or remodeling a building, it’s crucial to the designs and plans to meet ADA compliance requirements. At Titan, we understand what it takes to meet those requirements and our experts can help bring your building up to code. We have the services to help you meet the codes and develop plans to accommodate those in need. From removing barriers hindering those in need to adding new points of accessibility, we will find the solutions you and your building need.

About Our ADA Compliance Services

Titan Commercial Construction Is More Than Just A Builder

We’re experts at helping our clients with a number of services and solutions. No matter the commercial construction project, we tailor our services to your individual needs. Titan’s team of experts can help determine the best ways to bring your commercial space up to code and satisfy ADA compliance requirements. 

ADA Compliance FAQ

How do I make my commercial building ADA compliant?

When it comes to making your building ADA compliant, there are several things you have to check for. Included in the list are ramps to your building doors, handicap accessible parking, and handrails inside of the building. The amount of work done on existing buildings is determined by the current condition of the building.

Does Titan do the inspection and the ADA compliance installations?

At Titan, we make sure our clients have access to everything they need to make their building compliant under new laws. For our team of experts that means inspecting your building to determine what needs to be brought up to code and then making the necessary changes. We’ll work with you to find the best solutions at every step of the process.

What do I have to do to make the outside of my building compliant?

Briging the outside of your building up to code will be determined by the current layout, but possible changes may include adding handicap accessible parking, adding ramps leading to doors, installing handrails, and replacing door handles.

What makes the inside of my building ADA compliant?

When it comes to the interior of your building, things like installing handrails in bathrooms, adding handicap accessible doors, and covering wires and cords running along the floor all need to be done.

How can I get started with the ADA compliant process?

Getting started with ADA compliance process isn’t complicated. You can start bringing your building up to code by contacting Titan Commercial Construction.

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