Acoustical Ceilings

Acoustical Ceiling Installation

Our experts custom design and install acoustical ceiling systems.

As you prepare to place the finishing touches on your commercial building, the team at Titan will work with you to design and install a commercial acoustical ceiling that completes the space perfectly. We understand the importance of building aesthetics and security, which is why our experts take the time and care needed to securely attach the grid and place each tile. It’s our attention to detail that allows us to deliver acoustical ceilings that are long lasting, safe, and durable. 

Titan’s Acoustical Ceilings Service

We’re More Than Just A Builder

At Titan, we make sure our clients have the solutions they need, which means we go above and beyond what our competitors offer. Acoustical ceilings can help complete your office or commercial build out. By designing custom solutions, we ensure that your ceiling does its job and exceeds your expectations.

Acoustical Ceiling FAQ

Why should I choose acoustical or drop ceilings for my commercial space?

Acoustical ceilings allow for a more customized and affordable option for commercial spaces. By using acoustical ceilings, maintenance on other building systems like plumbing and electrical is performed much more easily. Plus, with acoustical ceilings, you’ll be able to choose the color and style of your ceiling.

What colors are ceiling panels available in?

Typically speaking, ceiling panels come in various shades of white. However, they can be purchased to fit your space, which means various colors can be purchased to finish the build out exactly how you image it to be. Titan will work with you to determine the best color option for your commercial space.

What design options are available for ceiling tiles?

Ceiling tiles come in various shapes and styles, so customizing your space is easy. Most tiles come in squares and rectangles, but they can be cut to fit around walls, pipes, and any other obstacles. Acoustical ceilings or drop ceilings are supported by a system of wires and metal grids. However, Titan will also work with you to install mounted tiles or planks that allow for a more unique look.

Do acoustical ceiling tiles come with any special features?

Ceiling tiles are available with great special features like fire resistance, noise reduction, and moisture and mold resistance. If you’re looking to increase your commercial building’s energy efficiency, then Titan can install ceiling tiles that are light reflective, which helps you save on energy bills.

How can I find out more about acoustical ceilings from Titan?

If you’re ready to discuss your commercial acoustical ceiling needs, then Titan is ready to listen. Contact Titan today to learn more!

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